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Your partner for China – Your bridge to Chinese consumers

European brands have long recognized the vast market potential in China and aim to gain a share of the cake.

Though geo-politically unified, China is far from being a uniform or homogeneous market. It is a collection of individual sub-markets defined by greatly diversified demographic, economic and cultural characteristics.

Add regulations, policies, reforms and procedures and the market entry to China seems daunting and insurmountable.

A team with decades of experience in the FMCG industry, 1 World can help you with your market entry to China and boost your company growth.

Rooted in France and Germany, 1 World introduces distinct and genuine European FMCG brands with products of high quality, uniqueness and authenticity to Chinese consumers.

Some facts


Predicted to become world’s
largest retail market in 2019

5.6 Trillion $

Predicted retail sales in 2019
(incl. e-commerce)

802 M

Active internet users
in China

2 Trillion $

Predicted e-commerce sales
in 2019


Predicted annual growth for
e-commerce sales until 2022

Sources: www.emarketer.com, National Bureau of Statistics of China

Enter and grow on the Chinese market in a controlled manner with a partner you can rely on.

1. Brand prep

We help you define a strategy to building your brand in China: market potential, positioning of your brand, online and offline platforms evaluation, marketing and distribution stratagem.

2. Set-up & Operations

We set-up the e-commerce shops and/or the offline sales channels, from design to registration. We operate and manage the entire value chain, from import to the delivery to the consumers.

3. Business growth

We are your extended arm in China: We drive your sales, activate social media & marketing campaigns and provide customer services.

We care about the brand that we partner with!

From entry, to growth to brand maturity, we make sure that your brand evolves in the way you intend. We therefore created a tailored approach to guarantee a sustainable development as well as a cohesive image of your brand on the Chinese market.


Introduce the brand story & origins to the market


Launch marketing campaign and cooperate with influencers to push brand awareness


Capture market share with cleverly devised sales tools


Enjoy the fruits of the hard work… but you and us do not rest on our laurels


Leverage created brand positioning and expand strategically to increase brand footprint

1 World’s philosophy is that success is deeply rooted in strong and reliable partnerships, and shared. We therefore cultivate a close relationship with all of our partners.

Our online partners

Our offline partners

To be successful in China

  • Be authentic and stay true to yourself
  • Highlight your brand story & origins
  • Understand the Chinese consumers, what makes them tick and how they make purchase decisions
  • Adapt your products but not your identity
  • Be fully committed: from time to a relevant budget for brand building
  • Leverage the power of (social) networks

Our Management

Jean-Luc brings with him more than twelve years experience in China and Europe.

For one of the largest Chinese packaged fruit manufacturer he successfully launched a premium coconut water brand. As a full hands-on project, Jean-Luc spearheaded every step from the very beginning: development of brand & product identity, development of consumer communication, set-up of distribution channels, sales and customer relationship.

For the largest German brewery group Jean-Luc grew exponentially the sales volumes by 50%. This was achieved by understanding the needs of the consumers and optimizing the product offering. Further, in close cooperation with the distributors Jean-Luc realized effective improvements of the processes between the companies.

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